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What Our Clients Are Saying

"The initial evaluation is going really well. AimPlex is a great product."

A scientist of a global OEM partner who tested an AimPlex human custom 14-plex panel comparing to their ELISAs.)

"We received the kit in good order and ran it in 2 separate assays. Personally I’m very happy with the ease of use and the results I got…I expect to be ordering the next kit (whether same or some different cytokines) within the next 2 weeks."

A scientist with a leading Biopharma company in New Zealand who used a custom mouse cytokine 6-plex panel in her study.

"We have LSRII with 4 lasers… We had processed the samples without any problems... I will contact you again with our next order... Thank you again very much for your wonderful support!"

A scientist with a research institute in Czech Republic who measures cytokines in cell culture supernatant samples using the AimPlex human inflammation 11-pex panel.

"Thank you again for your wonderful support."

A researcher at a major research institute in Germany who uses a custom mouse 4-plex assay panel in his studies.