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What Our Clients Are Saying

"The initial evaluation is going really well. AimPlex is a great product."

A scientist of a global OEM partner who tested an AimPlex human custom 14-plex panel comparing to their ELISAs.)

"We received the kit in good order and ran it in 2 separate assays. Personally I’m very happy with the ease of use and the results I got…I expect to be ordering the next kit (whether same or some different cytokines) within the next 2 weeks."

A scientist with a leading Biopharma company in New Zealand who used a custom mouse cytokine 6-plex panel in her study.

"We have LSRII with 4 lasers… We had processed the samples without any problems... I will contact you again with our next order... Thank you again very much for your wonderful support!"

A scientist with a research institute in Czech Republic who measures cytokines in cell culture supernatant samples using the AimPlex human inflammation 11-pex panel.

"Thank you again for your wonderful support."

A researcher at a major research institute in Germany who uses a custom mouse 4-plex assay panel in his studies.

"I greatly appreciate your help with this, and the additional insight with regards to dilutions etc. It appears that you are one of the very few, if not only, company which provides such comprehensive panels that can be run and analyzed on a standard flow cytometer. We will certainly continue to highlight this issue… as I am sure that our flow cytometry community will be keen to hear about this."

Leading immunologist in the UK.